As the fastest growing italian brand, Antony Morato is now become an iconic menswear than ever. For every season, Antony Morato selected the Male figures with different kinds of background with their own style of fashion. Through the wide range of Antony Morato’s Collection that can accomodate their fashion necessity, Antony Morato already selected 10 talented yet fashionable men to represents the brand, and they are: 


Rio Motret - Photographer

Rio Wibowo a.ka. Rio Motret is one of the renowned photographer in Indonesia. As a photographer, Rio was known more often captured celebirities on his lens. One proof of his existence as a talented photographer was the "Aliksah" exhibition that he held to celebrating the Indonesian independence day which cooperated with over 60 famous celebrities in Indonesia. 

Caren Delano – Fashion Stylist 

The fashion stylist that notoriously good at creating the expensive impression for his clients. Numerous celebrities and socialtes (such as Syahrini and Junita Lisar) have been worked with this #IMakeYouLookFabulous guy. Although more often worked with female figures but in fact it does not reduce the masculinity of Delano in his daily life which always looks trendy and edgy.


Rama Widi – Harpist

 Rama Andhika Widi is an Indonesian Harpist that studied the harp in Vienna. He became the first Indonesian harpist that played in the opera houses of Vienna, Austria and Budapest. Rama has played with almost all orchestras in Indonesia and several orchestras in Austria and Hungary as well get involved in some opera production.

dr. Kevin Maharis  - Doctor 

Dr. Maharis obtained his Bachelor of Medical Sciences degree from University of Melbourne, Australia and graduated with a Medical Degree from the presitigous University of Indonesia. He later earned his Post-graduate Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff University, UK. Dr. As a doctor Dr. Kevin apparently also has a very exquisite sens of fashion which is potrayed on his instagram @kevinmaharis.


Indra Febriansyah  - Traveller / Writer

 Born as natural traveller, Indra Febriansyah already traveled almost half of the whole world. The former swimmer and badminton provincial level, was graduated from ITB for Planning Engineering and Master in architecture restoration at the University of Degli in Rome, Italy. Not only attracted to traveling, Indra Febriansyah also grown up as a fashion enthusiast. His passion for fashion not only shown on his daily stylish look but also being ex-editor at one of renowned fashion magazine in Indonesia.

Ferdy Thaeras – Fashion Enthusiast

The  Ex-VJ of MTV Ferdy Thaeras was obviously should be put on our brotherhood list. In Indonesian fashion lifestyle, he was quite stellar. Besides having a series of working experience in the fashion and lifestyle magazine, Ferdy also been recorded as model starred in several commercials and movie products.



Chandra Guptra – Hair Stylist

 Chandra Gupta is the first Indonesian and Asian hairstylist whose hair creation landed on the cover of Estetica World magazine. With over 35 years of experience, Chandra Gupta has styled the hair of famous celebrities, including Krisdayanti, Yuni Shara, Ivan Gunawan, Adinda Thomas, and Inul Daratista. It has been well known that his haircut resembles the characteristic of the finest wines: it gets better with  time, or in this case, hair growth.

Reza Indra – Fashion Editor 

Grown up in a small city, didn’t stop Reza Indra to pursue his dream. Mostly spent his reading magazines made him realized that media industry is his passion. Currently working as managing editor at one of renowned fashion magazine makes fashion is unquestionable thing for him. Now on, Reza Indra also been choosen new path of his life by being a fashion entrepreneur.



Erfan Haryando – Public Relation Executive 

 He is the PR Executive for one of the high-end skincare. Living his life as Public Relation Executive makes Erfan believed that he have to be looks well in every occasion. In order to fulfilling it, Erfan has become one of the fashionable man with his sporty yet stylish style. No doubt for his sense for fashion, dig in into his instagram people will know that he is truly loves fashion as much as he love his work. In addition his healthy life was also one of the reason why he should be put on the BrotherHood List.

Raymond Samudra – Marketing Director

This family man may be is not as famous as another “BrotherHood” family. Working as Marketing Director of Premier International, Raymond Samudra stand out among others. His sense of fashion was come out naturally since he had a great tall body that supports him. The Ex-Racer guy who now already been married and have one child is now still living his passion on Riding Motorbike not with speed but with fashion. 







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