Created in 2007, Antony Morato was born by the idea and talent of Lello Caldarelli, 27 years old at the time, Art Director and Chairman of the brand today. Came up from the Italian Culture and Style, Antony Morato proposes a modern style with international perspectives, offering to the customers products in continuous tension between contemporary and casual fashion, between innovation in materials and style, and also between quality and accessibility. 

Antony Morato has three different kind of lines in each collection, The Black Collection for men who dare to try something new with a touch of edgy. It has variant way of look ranging from casual style to formal style. While the Gold Collection existed for denim lovers with an exclusive quality available for men who wants to have the casual look or semi-formal. And also there is Silver Collection dedicated for men who wants to have a sporty look yet stylish. 

Following its internationality, nowdays Antony Morato was distributed in more than 70 countries and has export share around 70% of the turnover as a constant growth that was obtained by solid network of more than 3.000 multi- brand sellers and more than 70 flagship stores. 

At the beginning of June 2015 the Internationality business development of Antony Morato was increased with the addition of the first flagship store in Indonesia presented by UTOMOCORP. The Flagship store which located in Pacific Place Mall 2nd Floor has more exclusive concepts on promoting service and customer satisfaction. Some services that is provided by Antony Morato Indonesia are: Pick up service customer, exclusive lounge and packaging with the highest quality.