At the beginning of June 2016 UTOMOCORP officially opened the new flagship store of Antony Morato which proposing a minimalist concept combined with touch of industrialist typical to create a masculine impression in Plaza Indonesia Level 2.

Celebrating the soft opening, this time Antony Morato cooperated with the raising fashion stylist Caren Delano as a speaker for Fashion Talkshow about How to define a men’s style according to their personality and activities.

At glance about the new collection Spring Summer 2016, the world of men’s fashion has dramatically changed in the last years. There is a new man who decides about the market and the Antony Morato collection, once again, is the response to this evolution.

It is a man paying attention to fashion, who tells about himself  through his style in every moment of the day. Only a few years ago this man represented a minority, but through the years he has become a more and more important part of our society.

Like women do, this man buys with increasing expertise, with curiosity, will and courage to experience, to distinguish himself even only through details.  He chooses and hunts for what is representing him, walking in the shopping spots or even on line, enjoying the search and later the purchase. He looks for answers, not only in the casualwear or in the formal tradition, but, expert and curious, he is attracted by the Contemporary Fashion universe, by the details of a cloth, by something special distinguishing his look in the different moments of his life, at work as in his spare time with his friends.  He is capable of matching a jacket with revers with a super stonewashed denim or wearing a joggy pant for an aperitif in town.

Hosted by Dimas Beck, Mike Lewis, Ria Juwita, Zamri Mamat, Rosdiana Setyaningrum, Doley Tobing and also Tanto Djuhartono the soft opening started with the The Black Collection, which has always been the fashion core of the collection, portrays the search in materials and fabrics and proposes for this season metallic inserts, relieves and rubberized fabrics for a biker-army look.

Next up is The Gold Collection, denim and urban spirit of the brand, reinterprets for thisoccasion the historical motorcyclist suits in an “ethno-racing” way and brings us in the Paris-Dakar universe.

Last but not least The Silver Collection is a sporty-chic trend, where fashion and sport play as accomplices in the everyday life and becomes a veritable way of life for manymen. In the next Spring Summer the proposal recalls the patterns and the colors of the Mondrian painting.

This event also fully supported by DA MAN Magazine as media partner, Bank Mandiri, and also Dimatique Wine.