Mulan Jameela wearing Fold Mid Rossa Rossa Elastic

Before entering the market in Indonesia, during September 2015 the shoes that started with a broken heart landed the first walk on Plaza Indonesia Level 4. Brought by UTOMOCORP, the iconic shoes UNITED NUDE displayed for an introduction in form of POP UP Store along with another brands under UTOMOCORP which are Antony Morato and Vespa by Piaggio.

On this POP UP Store also displayed the limited edition "Nova Shoes" in collaboration with award-winning architect Zaha Hadid in three different colours. As an iconic brand at the intersection of fashion and design who always creating products that are has clear concepts, elegance and innovation United Nude obviously will be loved by every woman in Indonesia. 

At the end of September United Nude also joined it's Brother "Antony Morato" at the Plaza Indonesia Men's fashion week featuring Tatjana Saphira, Mulan Jameela, Tara Basro, Olivia Jensen and the fashion stylist Ajeng Svastiari to hit the runway and introduce these iconic shoes. 

In order to fulfill the demand, soon on March 2016 United Nude will officially enter the market through opening it's First Flagship store in Plaza Indonesia Level 2. 

The Nova Shoes in Collaboration with Zaha Hadid


Tatjan Saphira wearing Lo Res Pump Metalic Snorkel Blue